3 fascinating ways to earn money in stock market

A few months back, my friend asked me to teach him about the stock market, A few of my other friends were also curious to learn about investing in the stock market, Guys were excited and opened their new brokerage account, But the biggest problem was they were clueless, didn’t know how to proceed further, […]

Understand 3 investing basics to become successful investor

People around us have told you and me to study well, score good marks, get place in good company, Once you got a job, they think you’re pretty good to carry on your life, That’s fair, but have anyone spoke you about how to handle the money, grow the money, and make it work for […]

Essential things to consider on “Why to invest in mutual funds?”

Have you seen this ad before? I came across this ad when I was watching CSK vs MI match, Where Shreyas iyer would be concerned to know the performance of different mutual funds, Knowing that his friend Rohit Sharma reveals there is a website called Mutualfundsshaihai.com where you can know the performance of all the […]

Impact of Inflation on Investment with Practical Examples:

India is a country with more than 50% population are middle class, Being one, I’ve observed my parents are prudent in terms of financial planning, they try to avoid all sort of risks and prefer to be conservative. I really appreciate them for their discipline in terms of saving because that has paid off a […]